To be completely transparent, I am a teenage girl who used to be obsessed with social media. It really would be embarrassing to see how often I refreshed Instagram, and then Snapchat. It was almost like my neck was permanently bent towards my phone.


It wasn’t until we had a class graded discussion in Senior Seminar with Mrs. Bacon Curry, that my neck finally snapped back into place.


I went into the topic so infuriated with these annoying adults who think that technology is the root of all evil. It wasn’t until we actually started talking that I finally saw the problem I had.


Have you ever opened Instagram, refreshed, closed the app, and then repeated? Do you just click through people’s stories on Snapchat?


But even though you mindlessly go through other people’s posts, you would be offended if they did the same thing to you?


Do you ever post a selfie and get obsessed with the number of likes and comments you get?


I did.


After the talk, I went through Instagram and realized that I was following 500+ people. A lot of celebrities, and a lot of people who I never talk to.


I finally asked the unanswerable question: WHY?


That night, I went from following 500 people, to following 100. I kept my family, close friends, friends I moved away from.


I then went to Snapchat, and I honestly just thought about deleting that app. Snapchat isn’t what it used to be. I used to love seeing people share what their day was.


But now it is just noise. I don’t understand why it changed. I am sad, but it is just time to grow up and put the phone down.


Fellow senior, Mara Louk, also deleted her Snapchat (no, not because of the update). I couldn’t put it better myself.


“I was sick of having people talk to me only for it to say “streaks”, guys were always disrespectful, I felt like I didn’t have much control over the app.”


So with the lack of control, she made a choice that most teenagers couldn’t even imagine doing.


“I had a plan to delete the app at the end of this school year but ended up deleting it on New Years. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I instantly felt happier, had less anxiety, and felt more connected to my friends because I had more face to face conversations with them. I don’t regret this decision.”




I want you to try to not use social media for a day. Watch the concert instead of shakily recording it with the audio blasting. Tell that person you like “hi”, instead of sliding into their DM’s.


I saved all the memories on Snapchat, and I want to hit the uninstall button.


I feel like the world looks different when I am not looking at it through a lens, and I don’t have as much neck pain as I used to.


I am now just a teen girl, experiencing life 1st hand. No more “likes” from people I don’t know, and now I am just surrounded by people I like.


What about you?


Written by Emma Kossayian

Pennsylvania born, Iowa grown.

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