PHS offers a plethora of clubs and organizations – anything from Best Buddies to Student Council. Until this year, though, we had been lacking a major interest point for many: an organization that would help students get more involved in government, politics, and become more acquainted with the current issues of today. 

The Young Democrats Club, which has returned to Prairie this year, is an organization few know about, simply because of its relative newness to the school. That doesn’t, however, make it any less pertinent or important to be a part of.

Mason Zastrow, President of the Young Democrats Club, says “I wanted it to be a collective organization for the Democrats of Prairie High School.”

The club has plans to positively contribute to the political atmosphere of our school by getting more students involved, setting up volunteering opportunities within the community, and spending time discussing political issues and current events.

Though many high school students do not yet have the ability to vote, it is crucial to get involved in politics as an adolescent. After all, we are the ones who must operate later on under the political environment that is currently being created today.

According to Zastrow, “Politics is something that if you don’t start early, it’s a little hard to get into because there is so much that builds off of other things. For the political literacy that we want to see, later on, it’s important to get started earlier.”

Many students think that because of our age, we cannot make a difference in politics or the decisions our government is making. This is simply not true. There is so much you can do to make a difference – even by just starting with yourself. Becoming an informed citizen does not take much; reading or watching a few minutes of news every morning could make a major difference.

On a larger scale, it is great to get involved on the local and national level by volunteering for campaigns you support politically. Many of the Young Democrats members are heavily involved in the community as well, and this club allows for students to share and contribute to opportunities and events outside of Prairie.

This club is open to anyone at the high school, but it is, like its name indicates, an organization started by students who tend to lean towards Democratic views and opinions.

According to Zastrow, “If the Young Republicans Club is ever started up – which it hasn’t yet – we would love to debate them or work collaboratively to get more students involved in government and politics in Cedar Rapids,”

The Young Democrats welcome anyone who is interested in becoming more engaged, informed, or active in the political community – as more people should be.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Zastrow says, “it’s a really great community if you want to make some new friends. Anyone is welcome to come.”

To get involved, you can reach out to other Young Democrat members for more information. Additionally, the meeting times and locations will be posted on the student announcements each week.

Check out the student announcements for upcoming information here.


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