The Prairie High School Thirst Club is throwing a Thirst Gala this Friday, March 3. Now you may be thinking ‘what is the Thirst Club?’. Well according to the Prairie Thirst Project President, Senior Beth Uthoff, “[Thirst Project] is a Key Club International project, to provide safe drinking water to the people of Swaziland Africa.”


The Thirst Project helps to provide safe drinking water for people of Swaziland Africa, whose leading cause of contaminating people with HIV/AIDS is the unsafe drinking water. Even with the medication, they may receive, they are still forced to drink the water and continue to contaminate themselves.


Some projects that the Prairie Thirst Project have done are selling smoothies, candy canes, and carnations. Along with a few donations from companies, they have raised around $3,270.19 out of the $12,000 that is needed for the well to be completely funded.


But they aren’t expecting to raise all the money this year. “We don’t think that we will reach our goal of $12,000 this year, but so far we have raised 1/4 of our goal. So hopefully we can reach it by the end of the year next year,” says Uthoff.


The upcoming Thirst Project event is the Thirst Gala. The Thirst Gala will be on Friday, March 3, from 5-8pm. It costs $5 for entrance, and there will be food provided from company donations.


There will entertainment, a silent auction and information about world thirst,” Uthoff explains about what is to be expected at the gala. They are hoping for a good turn out, but won’t know for sure until after the gala, which is to be expected.


With the gala coming up, make sure you keep your eye out for more upcoming events. The Thirst Project is looking into more projects, “We are currently trying to plan the rest of the year, the ideas we have right now are: water fight on the last day of school and selling finals care packages,” Beth explains.


Help support Swaziland Africa and come to the Thirst Gala. Or join the committee and be one of the few people behind the scenes.
For more information on the International Thirst Project go to And to join the Thirst Project committee here at Prairie, email Beth Uthoff at



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