Gym is a requirement to graduate at Prairie High School and there is multiple options as to what kind of class you take and when. Options include Lifetime Fitness, this class is based around games and is a very fun time. The 2nd option is Fitness Training and this revolves around total overall fitness, core training and fitness activities. The last option is Strength and Conditioning, this class revolves around working your muscles in a free weight olympic lift program. Overall the class is based heavily around weights and conditioning.  

With all of these options of gym classes there comes more options, take it during the day, during the summer or zero hour.  If you don’t know what zero hour is, it is like a regular class period but it takes place an hour before school, it happens at 8:00am on a normal school day.  The zero hour lifetime fitness gym class runs from 8:00-8:30 Monday-Thursday on a regular week(If a class is cancelled during a week the make up day will take place on Friday of the same week).

Is zero hour worth waking up early for is the big question.  A student in zero hour gym, Nic Kremer, gave his opinion on if it’s worth it–he states,”It’s good because it is only 25 minutes and mostly 4 days a week”.  He also goes on to say, “I get through the requirement of gym and kick off my day with a bang.”

Zero hour gym allows you to have more open space for classes during the day and Nic gave some insight on what that has allowed him to do, “I would recommend it because for me it opened up the opportunity to take Kirkwood classes (college level classes) with the extra period during the day.”

Overall, zero hour gym allows for more opportunities to take classes during the day, it lets you start your day off with exciting team activities like dodgeball and kickball.  Also zero hour gym allows you to get to school early and to get the ideal parking spot because there is hardly anybody at school yet.  Zero hour gym has many pros and not many cons and this should be something to consider in the future.

See your counselor or a gym teacher at Prairie High School to learn more about zero hour gym.


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  1. Concise and compelling story, Reece. You have nice points on the benefits and offerings of gym classes and you present a menu of options for your audience to consider the best fit for him/her. Nice work with this piece. Good balance between contribution of your interview subject and your surrounding information provided.

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