With a tough loss against Valley West Des Moines, the wrestling team won’t be making it to state as a team. But the season isn’t over yet. The wrestlers still have a chance to make it as individuals.


Individual state is where the best wrestlers from each weight come from all over Iowa and to battle to become the reigning champion.


But they don’t just get invited based on their season and record. They have to wrestle at  Districts. Districts determine who is advancing on to state, from each area. At this year’s districts, 8 teams wrestled from our area to see who is going to state.


With 7 wrestlers from our team, weights 106, 113, 120, 138, 170, 182, and 195 are advancing on to state.


The road to State isn’t smooth sailing, though. “Keeping kids focused on their goals” is what head coach Kane Thompson says about getting the wrestlers ready for individual state. It’s a lot of tough work for the wrestlers, but also for the coaches, “The season can get long and some will forget the reason they started their journey.”


With the seniors helping the team, on and off the mat, the team continues to push forward: “We are lucky to have a great group to work with” Thompson says about the leadership they show.


With the guys continuing to practice what they are good at and getting rested up they are bound to have a good run at state this year.


Don’t forget to cheer them on, whether you’re mat side, or sitting in a classroom. They could use all the support!



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  1. Cassie,
    Nice feature story on PHS Wrestling. You present concise and relevant information to keep your readers aware of details of the team and the foresight of what to expect at state. You offer nice balance between your outside research and the contribution of the head coach. Nice work!

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