It’s no surprise that there is an abundance of talented and bright students here at Prairie. Whether the students show their gifts through the arts, or within STEM, they almost always manage to find a way to confirm what we all know: our students are going to have sensational futures beyond their academic careers.


Senior, Gabby Lewis’s dream is to become an Animator. For Lewis, drawing and animating have been activities she’s enjoyed for a long time and has even been practicing since the fifth grade to improve. “I think it’ll be fun to create something that will be memorable for younger kids,” she mentions, “I’ve applied to at least three art schools in the U.S. and Canada, and I’m putting together a portfolio.”


Other students, such as Sophomore, Jacob Bingham, are also interested in careers on the artistic spectrum. Bingham’s interests currently entail becoming a Graphic Designer so that he can, “Enforce a mix of hobbies into one job.” He’s been interested in this profession ever since a Photoshop class taken Freshman year.


Although the arts are a major importance in the Prairie High culture, many students are confident in a career in math and science. For roughly six months, Junior, Joanna Moody’s goal has been receiving a Master’s or Ph.D. in Immunology. In terms of career choices, Moody has acknowledged that her thoughts could possibly differ in the future, but confidently states, “I know I’m going to do something with Science.”


Peter Lande, Junior, also is interested in Science. His plan is to, “Pursue a triple major… Get a degree in physics, computer science, and math.” Lande will then continue his education in a graduate school to one day, ultimately become a Scientist to do theoretical work. “When I visited University of Colorado Boulder and saw their department, it sealed the deal.”


Senior, Alaa Elmubarak has wanted to do dentistry since the age of six because of her interest in the medical field. She currently is enrolled in five Kirkwood classes and got accepted into Kirkwood Community College. Elmubarak added that this summer she will be starting her endeavor to, “Receive a dental assistant AAS degree.”


The most popular careers by far were those that directly involved assisting and helping other people. Sophomore, Kyle Kolsrud, has a dream of becoming a child psychologist. His love of working with kids and psychology combine together to create the perfect career. This future career option has been prominent for around a year, “Beforehand I had wanted to be a forensic anthropologist, but I don’t know how well that would work for me… Something about the dead part just doesn’t settle well the more I mature.”  


Tristin Wilcox, Sophomore, hopes to be a fishing guide for anyone with a love of fishing. One of his favorite hobbies is fishing and contains lots of information about how to catch fish in certain conditions, and where the best fish are located. His ultimate hope is to, “Make a family happy while catching fish and to have kids smile and enjoy the sport.”


Of course, not every wonderful student has a specific set plan. Two particular students, Kyle Cook, and Sophia Perez are juggling between multiple options.


Cook currently has actor, politician, and therapist on his list of possible jobs. Anyone who has heard Cook speak knows that he is not afraid to talk in front of people, which is the basis for each choice he’s considering. Cook says his interest in mental health and nurturing personality, “Naturally align.” He also simply states, “Bernie Sanders is my dad.”


Finally, Perez is deciding between being a nutritionist and behavioral analyst. Her enjoyment of science and healthy lifestyles sparks her attraction towards the nutrition based career, but also would enjoy following in her mother’s footsteps. “Becoming a behavior analyst would be so awesome since my mom has the same profession… The human mind is so interesting.” But if she were to become a behavior analyst, her goals would grow much larger, “Being a profiler for the FBI would be my end goal if I became a behavior analyst.”


So whether Prairie Hawks decide to use their creativity and intelligence by creating hand-drawn art, or by fixing the teeth of human beings, it’s clear that our Hawks are a group full of astounding dreamers.


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  1. Audrey, this is a powerful piece that showcased an array of PHS students from various classes and career interests. Thank you for reaching out and hearing the voices of students as you capture a story on their future aspirations. You have done a nice job with this story.

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