Do you ever have a really bad hair day and wish you could cover it up with a hat? Or does a hat of yours ever just go really great with your outfit? Then you remember – hats aren’t allowed in school.


But, that’s what you used to think. As of this year, hats have been allowed within the dress code at Prairie High.


All through elementary school, all through Creek, and through Point, hats were never allowed. Even at the high school they weren’t allowed…so why the sudden change?


Associate Principal, Ryan Fritz, stated, “We reflected on the purpose of the rule and what we struggled to find was where it had any impact academically on students.”


A hat truly doesn’t seem like something that would distract very much from a student’s education, so not allowing them never really did make sense. At least not in the realm of education – in other aspects the “No Hat” rule may have been justified.


A concern with hats or hoods within the school was that of identification. With a hat on or a hood up, staff members feared they may not be able to identify a student. However hats aren’t a problem anymore as long as the staff feels they can distinguish the student underneath.


Fritz said, “We felt that even with a hat or a hood that we are still able to identify students, and that was a concern as far as student safety. That is the guideline that we give our staff members: if you can’t identify somebody then that would be a dress code violation.”


While you may be able to wear your favorite baseball cap to school now, keep in mind that you still may have to remove it in some classes. Fritz compared the hat rule to the cell phone policy at Prairie; in which it’s a classroom based decision.


Mrs. Bliss, the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Prairie, commented, “It is just a great way for students to learn to show respect to others.” Bliss states her rules regarding hats on the first day each semester and why removing a hat or hood is requirement in her class.


Bliss said, “I feel that Family and Consumer Science classes are known for teaching manners and doing things that are proper. I ask every class how many have ever been told about hat etiquette.  I usually see about one fourth of the class raise their hands. I do explain that the proper hat etiquette the first day of class.”


Essentially hats are allowed – just not everywhere. So remember to respect whatever your teacher’s personal classroom rules are when it comes to hats.


Also make sure to remember that hats follow the same dress code rules as other apparel. Anything related to drugs or alcohol or deemed distracting is a violation of the dress code.

But have no fear, most baseball hats, beanies, and even cowboy hats are now allowed at Prairie High. So feel free to cover up that bedhead or finally get to wear that hat that perfectly matched your shoes, just make sure it adheres to the dress code.
If you’re curious about the rest of the dress code at Prairie, check out the Student Handbook.


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