College Community offers students many different ways to get involved in activities. Both the High School and Prairie Point have a variety of activities including fine arts, athletics or other clubs and organizations.

At both of these buildings, students are at a stage in their life where they are discovering who they are and what skills they bring to the table. For some students, it isn’t always easy finding something they love to do or something they want to participate in, Jessica Johnson, Activities Director at Prairie Point encourages students to “find a peer that has similar interest and create your own opportunities!”

Jenna Wagemaster, a senior at Prairie has been very involved in her time at Prairie. Over the years she has been involved in volleyball, basketball, track, choir, show-choir, student council, and National Honor Society.  For her, being involved in athletics, fine arts, and other clubs “provided a well- rounded experience” as a student at Prairie.

Jenna reflects on her time at Prairie: “When I look back on high school, I will remember the people and memories that belong to each extra- curricular activity.”

Not only can being involved help individuals grow, but can also help post high school. “Being involved in activities can help you get a much more robust education.” Terri Crumley, Mount Mercy University Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions said. She also stated that “We want students who give good focus to their studies but also are involved in activities outside the classroom that help build their leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, and self-confidence.”


Here are the links to the Prairie Point and Prairie High School Activities websites:

Prairie Point Activities

PHS Activities


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