Attending a school with a diverse number of the student body can help prepare a young and growing generation for citizenship in a multicultural democracy.

Nowadays, most schools have a big number of diverse students that come from all parts of the world. Collaboration with diverse school communities can help students develop an understanding of the perspectives from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment.

In a good and reliable community, it is best that learning one’s culture benefits in ways that sometimes we can not think of like being interested in languages. Having a different sense of style and problem-solving.
Anything that lives around us has a little impact on what we do on our daily basis. But is it hard to know that these things matter to us and that they live within us? Processing what we already know can tangle our brains and twist our veins.

Diversity starts at home spreading out in workplace, schools and internationally. And each of these places, we gather different pieces of information about other people and cultural practices.

We are taught how to separate ourselves from others, how to lives in our personal bubble and how to make our fellow friends and families invisible and unwelcomed.

We can not deny the fact that we brush off all these imaginations that we capture and pretend that they do not exist. In such manner, we also forget that we are part of these mixtures.

Alexis Henderson is the English Language Learning coordinator at Prairie and when asked about the cultural diversity at PHS she states: “At Prairie High School there are students that were born in America but parents are from other countries around the world. These students experience cultural diversity every day, while others are immigrants that sometimes it is difficult for them to communicate.” 


About two weeks ago these ELL students went to Prairie Creek to tell the students how different are people from other countries.The students loved it and their question was really amazing.


It is wonderful to see cultural diversity within a school or community, more generally, and we must all join together and learn from one another as we celebrate our differences.



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  1. Consolee, this is an important topic to address and you present it in an effective way. Great organization of ideas and call to action for your audience to work toward inclusion and acceptance of all people from all walks of life. Powerful piece–well written!

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