What is better than talking about books? Talking about books while eating bagels, of course!  Did you know there is a club precisely directed towards this here at Prairie High School?  

Books & Bagels is an alternative “book club.” This means the students in the club are not supposed to read a book by a particular day. So instead of discussing one book at their meetings, they play book-themed trivia and talk about the books everyone is reading individually at the moment.  While enjoying Panera bagels!

The creator and leader of Books & Bagels is our school librarian, Mrs. Oldenkamp. When asked why she created Books & Bagels she said the following: “I had interned at an academic library during my master’s program and they had coffee on Thursdays.  It was kind of their gathering to bring kids to the library.  It was my twist on a similar thing.”   

The structure of Books & Bagels is very flexible. Each meeting simply is different. They all go in different directions.  There is also a select group of students each month that help plan ideas for the upcoming meeting.  

Many students have zero hour, so they are unable to make the 8:00 am start time. That is not a problem with this school club. There is not a “set” time you have to attend. Some students come at 8:00 am, grab a bagel, interact with their peers for a bit and then leave. While others come late, enjoy a bagel and then chat. Whichever option works best for you!

Books & Bagels meets once a month in the quiet zone of the library.  Their next meeting will be held February 20th at 8:00 am. Mrs. Oldenkamp and the participants of Books & Bagels would love to have more students involved!  If the morning time does not work for you, feel free to comment below with an alternative time, or talk to Mrs. Oldenkamp.


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