As a member of the Prairie community, chances are you’ve seen the countless posters and announcements publicizing The Thirst Project. You may have supported the endeavor without even realizing it! So far, school wide fundraisers have included candy cane and carnation sales. But some of you may be wondering… just what exactly is the Thirst Project? And how is our school impacting lives across the globe?


The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that has recently partnered with Key Club (one of the volunteering clubs offered at PHS). Through volunteer work and money collected by fundraising and donations, The Thirst Project is committed to providing everyone access to clean, safe water in Swaziland by 2022. As a country with a high concentration of HIV and AIDS cases, access to clean water would make a major difference.


Early last year, Key Club members from Prairie were subjected to a speaker from The Thirst Project. Because of the passion and interest shown by students in PHS, what was supposed to be a one time event turned into a new endeavor for our school.


According to Beth Uthoff, Key Club Vice President and Thirst Project board member, a lot of the members in Key Club said: “We are passionate about this and we want to do something about it. We want to fund our own well.” Now, thanks to student ambition and passion for the project, as well as partnerships with Science National Honor Society and Student Council, we are on track to fund a well for Swaziland.


“Being someone who lives in America, you know we’re very well off compared to the rest of the world,” Uthoff said, “When I hear speakers for the Thirst Project, or even when I heard a speaker at the World Food Prize and Global Youth Institute, just hearing about what other people’s lives are like inspires me that I need to do something – because they need help.”


She urges that, “People of all ages – even high schoolers – can make a big difference. And the Thirst Project is one way of doing that.” The best way to get involved would be to keep an eye out for Thirst Project events and fundraisers.


One of the major upcoming events for this project is the Thirst Gala. It is taking place on March 2nd from 5pm to 8pm in the Shueyville United Methodist Church. Tickets will be $5 at the door. This fun night will include catered food, a silent auction, and jazz music performed by great musicians from the Prairie High School Band.


The Thirst Project committee spanning all three grade levels at the high school is working hard to create engaging and exciting opportunities for the student body to become more involved in the fundraising process. Not only are these events fun, but they are for a great cause. Next time you participate in an activity supporting The Thirst Project, know that you are making a difference in helping our school build a well to improve lives across the world.


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  1. Anna, you have done a great job with this story. It is an informative piece that brings the details of the project to your audience. I appreciate the balance you’ve featured with your outside research and presentation of the inside information and that of the interview contributions.

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