Choosing a gym class for your semester can be a struggle, having to weigh all the options and decide. Whether you are an athletic person or not, there is a gym class for you! With the help from one of the gym teachers and head varsity volleyball coach, Mrs. Stecklein, this article will talk about how you can find which PE class fits your needs the best!

To find the gym class that best suits you, a first priority should be to find out why gym classes should be important to you. As you could probably guess, they are important because they keep you in physical shape for the year.

In a recent interview with Coach Stecklein, she said, “Many students have very busy schedules outside of school with activities, work, etc. that does not allow them to find time to workout out or be physically active so it is nice they can do it during the day.”

This should be noted because even though we all have busy lives, we can all find a way to fit physical activity into our daily schedule. Us students have the ability to choose a gym class during the day to get that necessary physical activity.

The 3 in-school-year classes that Prairie offers are Strength & Conditioning, Fitness Training and Lifetime Fitness.

Strength & Conditioning is one of the PE classes you may consider. If you are in a sport, this class would be very beneficial because this specific class focuses on building/maintaining strength and flexibility, which are two important aspects of sports.

According to a blog titled “Paleo Hacks”, weightlifting is not only beneficial for your physical state, but it enhances mood and reduces stress. They say this is because “Exercise and weight-training release endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight depression.”

The next class during the school year you might consider is Fitness Training. Stecklein highlighted that “The focus of this class is a combination of cardio and muscular endurance.” From talking to some friends, I learned that the class does a lot of push-ups, squats and also classes like BodyPump, spin, and CrossFit.

The last in-school gym class that is available is Lifetime Fitness. Do you remember elementary and middle school PE classes? Way back before we ran the mile and did the pacer test? These were the days of low-stress games and activities with your 2nd-grade buddies.

Lifetime fitness might take you back to your childhood with team games that are cooperative but also competitive!

Now, you may be wondering why I keep saying “in-school PE classes.” This is because the last gym class you can take is in the summer. Do you have a full schedule during the school year and would rather get credit outside the College Community District? Well than summer PE is for you!

This class is every day for a couple weeks in the summer and you engage in different activities like going to a trampoline park, hiking, canoeing, Crossfit, waterpark, yoga and much more!

After reading about the importance of gym classes and the opportunities presented to you, you can decide which course is the best fit for you!



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  1. Abby,

    You have nicely captured the options available to Prairie students within the PE department. I appreciate the contribution provided by Mrs. Stecklein and I think this article gives students an insight to which PE class may be right for them. Thanks for covering this important topic.

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