This year Prairie has brought new ways to help students. Students who need a little extra help can get this help from a tutor.  So what is tutoring? Tutoring allows students to get extra help from a peer in an array of different subjects.


Everyone will struggle with something in their life. It’s inevitable. Students at Prairie who feel they need a little more instruction or learning, can visit the Success Center during their free period or study hall.


Each period, a tutor is assigned to the Success Center. Most of the time, tutors will be assigned to a specific person who is assigned to the Success Center, but occasionally, will help whoever needs it.


On average, tutors will sit down with the student they are helping and give guidance of homework or projects. Other times, tutors will help students study for tests. If there are no students to help, tutors are allowed to work on their homework.


Jodi England, who oversees the program, says that “anyone interested in becoming a tutor must fill out an application form. The form helps show the tutors’ academic strengths and their interests, so they can be placed with a student. Tutors are expected to be there on time, or they will be marked tardy. Tutors also get a choice of whether they want 60 volunteer hours or .5 credits.”


Jodi also says that having someone to sit by and help students stay focused is very beneficial. It allows students to stay on task and get their work done. Since the program has started, Jodi has seen an improvement in student’s grades, as well as a bond and friendships formed between the student and their tutor.


But there are many more benefits to tutoring as well. Tutoring allows students to get one-on-one attention. Many students don’t do as well in a large class setting, so individual attention helps them learn better. It also gives students the chance to learn the way they learn best. Every student is different and has their own unique learning style, which tutors are able to use since their student is the only one they need to worry about.


Tutoring also allows students to learn at their own pace. If a teacher is going over content too fast for other students, some students can fall behind. Tutoring gives students the opportunity to go as fast or slow as they need for them to pick up on the material.


Tutoring isn’t just for people that are struggling though. Students who need more of a challenge can benefit from tutoring as well. In class learning is meant for every student, but some student just tend to understand the content better than others. This leaves students feeling bored of class and needing something more to do. Tutoring allows students to go more in depth with their learning and getting an added challenge.


If you feel you need the extra help or more of a challenge, feel free to stop by the Success Center during your free period or study hall. There will always be a student willing to help.



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  1. Caitlyn,
    You have strong organization in this piece–I like how you’ve started with a general insight into tutoring and its benefits. Then you turn to the contribution from Mrs. England and her perspective on the tutoring program here at PHS. The overall shape of the story is effective for your audience. Thank you for covering this resource for students.

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