Prairie Archery Club started its 3rd season on November 1st 2017.  November 1st was the first practice of the year and it was a mixed reaction at first because of the bulk of the archers going all at once.  Practice occurs 5-8pm on Wednesdays but, it is a open practice where the archers can come and leave as they want and practice as long or as short as the archer sees fit.  

Coach Jeff a volunteer for the club had some insight on how people can improve at practices, saying,”most people just need to get in some extra practice,” and Coach Jeff also said,”It’s the individual’s responsibility to get in some extra practice,” that’s where the open practice time comes into play with helping this problem, it allows more time for archers to practice because of no set time for archers to practice to.


Prairie’s first tournament of the season was on December 9th at the Cedar Valley Sportsplex and Prairie had a total of 43 archers competing in the tournament.  Prairie did not place in the tournament for a team score because not enough high school archers shot to be eligible for a team score.  To get a team score you need 23 archers to be shooting for the school, the team score averages out at the end of the season and the top 23 schools/teams will be able to compete at the State tournament in Des Moines.  Coach Jeff said,”the high school is in 20th place… and the middle school is in 18th place, so I would say we are doing very good because last year we came in 23rd and just barely made it to state.”


Prairie Archery Club had a big increase in archers that joined this year, there is a total of 155 archers enrolled into the prairie archery classroom website.  With the big amount of archers the club has this year, they had parents take coaching classes to become certified coaches.  The previous years there would only be around 5 coaches but, now the club has around 15 total coaches that have all been certified.  Prairie Archery is still looking for more volunteer coaches to help out with tournaments and practices.


This year was the most successful for Prairie Archery, they held multiple tournaments that brought in funds to expand the archery program, the club bought brand new top of the line block targets and they bought new tournaments arrows for archers without arrows to utilize during tournaments.  


Prairie Archery will keep growing in the following years and anybody 7th grade and above can join Prairie Archery.  With so many new archers expected in the coming years coaches will be needed as well as volunteers to help out at tournaments, it would be a big help to the team in the following seasons.  Coach Jeff gave his insight on next year and how we can improve as a club,”definitely need to be a lot more organized, more coaches and spend some quality times in areas we need to.”



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  1. Reece,
    Thank you for covering the insights on the archery team here at PHS. It is important to showcase all activities and sports and I’m glad you took on this topic to share with a larger audience. Nice balance between personal contribution to the story and the quotes included from your interview with Coach Jeff. Keep up the good work.

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