As a foreign student, there is one thing that people tend to like about. The fact that they speak one or multiple languages. This helps in introducing yourself to new people without trouble in interaction.

Ever since I saw the sun, we always moved from place to place. As I grew up I ended up going to a few countries within the first ten years of my life. In each country, I got a chance to learn at least a language at a time randomly to communicate with people. Although it was fun sometimes my accents were embarrassing at first. I learned Swahili, French, and English as my second, third, and fourth languages since I spoke Kinyamulenge as my native language.

Once you get an opportunity, it is important to hold on to it and do as much as possible to get something out of it. When learning a language remember that you are not a native speaker of that particular language.

As I experienced accents and basics play a big role. I read out loud many books, watched movies, and practiced talking all the time. What it did is that it helped me gain a little bit of information to what I already knew. Surely practice makes perfect.

Schools and other educational institution provide the main opportunity for the vast majority of people to learn languages. While linguistic diversity is actively encouraged within many further education establishments and workplaces.

In the U.S, foreign language is a system that is taught within schools in different districts. Most languages taught in schools include Spanish and French, followed by American sign language, and lastly Asian languages like Mandarin, a language that is spoken in China.

According to Sra. Streb a Spanish teacher at Prairie High School, “foreign students mostly tend to take a foreign language for the benefits of college credits.”

Streb shares her story on how she got interested in Spanish: “In my sophomore year of high school, I took a trip to Spain for a week. I fell in love with Spanish in my senior year. Having the ability to speak in Spanish and eager to learn Spanish culture I got more involved in Spanish and wanted to continue learning it.”  Also, she found how interesting it is that learning a language requires a lot of practice.

It is simply amazing to see all of you willing to join your tongues together and make someone somewhere feel at home and welcomed.

A mission to accomplish is to get schools to teach a variety of languages in schools and help students around the world to get together through the common knowledge of languages.



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  1. Consolee,
    You have such a passionate tone in your writing and it is inviting to read. I appreciate your personal story alongside the contribution from your interview with Mrs. Streb. You have done a nice job with this piece. It is important for students to see the value of studying foreign languages in school and you present encouraging points to motivate students to engage in this opportunity. Thank you for covering this important topic.

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