There is a disease that is spreading throughout high schools all around the nation. Many say that they have this infection. Side effects including: depression, loss of motivation, ADHD, procrastination, and many more.


There is no doctor to contact, there is no medicine, and there is no cure. Some adults say it is just a joke or a phase, but I call it what it is. An epidemic. The disease is called Senioritis.


I remember the second my sickness came. I walked into the high school building, sat down in my first class, and I felt it as if the teacher hit me with a desk. Why is it that me, a sophomore, had senioritis?


Well, now I am a senior, and the sickness has just gotten worse. I know I am not alone with this. I haven’t spoken to any of my peers who say they DON’T have it, no matter their age.


Shouldn’t this be the best time of our lives? Shouldn’t this be the time to make memories? Why are we itching to leave so soon? How can we prevent senioritis? Or at least make it survivable?


In my 3 years of living with senioritis, I have a few tips and tricks to enjoy (or hopefully get through) the rest of your time in this building.


1) Your mental health comes first.


Trying to wake up when you don’t even want to get out of bed is one of the triggers for senioritis. Depression is no joke, anxiety is not a myth, and whatever you feel is 100% real.


The best way to make the pain lessen is to say that you are in pain. Understanding that your mental health is important is the first way to battle this other sickness.


Find what will help you with what you are feeling. Talking to friends, family, people online, or even a therapist. Don’t be afraid of medicine if it will help you feel better.


You are not alone, and there is a whole world out there who want to help you. You come first.


2) Design your day to be worth waking up to.


What part of the day do you hate? Your job? Your gym class? An elective you are taking even though you don’t love it as much as you used to?


Let me tell you something, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THINGS YOU HATE.


I am not saying to skip classes or not show up for work. What I am saying is, if you hate your job, find one you won’t hate. Don’t be afraid of change.


You don’t like your math class? Switch teachers, or even periods where you have some friends. Better yet, if you don’t need to take a math class as a senior, DON’T TAKE IT.


No matter what they say, if you want to be a Preschool teacher when you grow up, you don’t need calculus to take care of babies. Unless you are teaching baby einsteins, in that case, good job. I digress…


I wish I could have screamed this to myself 3 years ago, “DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUIT. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE IT.”


3) Make things fun that aren’t normally.


If tip 2 doesn’t work, I highly advise you to try making things fun when they are not supposed to be. Whenever you are walking into a situation that you know will be mind-numbly boring, give yourself the goal of finding things that make you laugh.


We have all been there, you’re in a class and you don’t know anyone. You find a desk and you stay quiet, and every day you have to go there, your happiness chips away piece by piece.


I know this sounds difficult, especially if you are not an extrovert, but try making friends. The world opens up after you say hello. Who knows, you may meet your next best friend, or at least people who make the class bearable.


So the next time you have to study, make a game out of it. Or the next time you want to exercise but you hate jogging, bring your dog with you. If you have to take “notes” in class, look up something new to doodle. I recommend animals.


Walk into new situations with humor, and walk into old boring ones with some sass in your step. I promise your world will be so much more entertaining.


4) The future is still very far away, so focus on the future that is right in front of you.


We have all been there. Relentless questions about our future. Where are you going to college? What are you majoring in? What is your dream career?


They start before we even leave middle school. They ask us these questions and they completely skip over high school. Why can’t we focus on tomorrow? Or the next 4 years?


Well, I am here to tell you to focus on what is right in front of you. You have so much time to craft your life, take the time now to figure who you are first.


Like, what kind of person you are, how you act, how you look, and what your values are.


This is what high school is about. To many adults’ dismay, this is not pre-college. This is where we become adults. Take the time to do it right.


So now what?


I know that school sucks. Trust me, I have been there. But there is no point in letting this building hurt you.


I hope these tips help you with the rest of your years here. So go out there and enjoy your day.


Written by Emma Kossayian

Pennsylvania born, Iowa grown.


  1. Emma,
    You have organized this into accessible sections that allow you to deliver the main points of your article more clearly. I appreciate the sense of urgency in your tone and your informative approach to the intended student audience. This is a well organized piece–keep up the good work.

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