Students at Prairie are being constantly reminded of upcoming sporting events: football games, basketball games, volleyball games, etc. But what about the fine arts at Prairie? Approximately 131 students participate in Show Choir at Prairie High School–including band members, performers, and crew. Let’s do a better job of making an effort to support them as well!

There are two Show Choirs at Prairie High school:

Focal Point is our prep Show Choir. This group is predominately made up of sophomores, but not solely. There are some juniors and seniors in this group as well. Focal Point has had a great season so far! They placed 3rd in their first competition at Linn-mar, as well as best band! Also, Focal Point received 1st place in the prep division last weekend at Davenport North! With first place, they also received best vocals, and choreography. They earned a spot in the final rounds, as well! Ayden Williams, a Sophomore in Focal Point said the following, “I think that the rest of our season will be very successful if we continue to remain strong as a team. We will be facing some tough show choirs coming up but I think if we stay confident we can hold our own against them.” Good luck to Focal Point in the rest of their season!

The Ambassadors is our varsity Show Choir group. This group is made of up Juniors and Seniors. They have also had an outstanding start to their season! At the Linn-mar competition, they placed fourth in finals. At the Davenport North competition, they got Grand Champion, best crew, best vocals, and best choreography! This is the fifth year in a row that The Ambassadors have gotten Grand Champion at that competition. Way to go!

Even though the show choirs at Prairie want to receive the highest ranking they can, they believe that’s not the reason they put on their shows. In the words of Mr. Sands, “We work hard to teach our kids that the size of the trophy and the rankings don’t matter nearly as much as the show that we produce. And how we improve all the time, and the way we represent ourselves at competitions. We have been very pleased with all of those things. We are very happy.”

Both groups work very hard and would love to see familiar faces supporting them in the audience. Although the show choirs have had three performances already, there are still three more times to watch Focal Point, and four more times to catch the Ambassadors show!

The Show Choirs’ competition schedule is the following:

February 10: Urbandale
February 24: Western Dubuque
March 24: Orlando, Florida

Curtain Call is the Show Choirs’ final performance, and it is right here at Prairie High School. It will be held in the concert hall on April 6th at 7:00 pm. As Mrs. Legore says, “Come to events, and be loud, supportive, wonderful audience members.” Hope to see you there!


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  1. Mari,
    You have done a nice job with this piece. I appreciate your attention to detail in describing both show choirs here at PHS. You have a great balance of your research and the contribution from your interview. Keep up the good work!

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