Who works for the wrestling team? For the volleyball team? For the basketball team? Do you know the star athletes of the teams? The people working behind the scenes may not be the star athletes, but they are stars.


For Beth Uthoff, one of the head managers for the Prairie wrestling team, and Lauren Lacy, the only manager for the Prairie girls volleyball team, the work they put into these sports is all worth it! For roughly 200 hours each season, they work to make sure that every little thing runs smoothly. Whether it be that you want to watch your last match or last game. They have it for you. Or maybe you get hurt or have a bloody nose. They have the ice and nose plugs.


But what would go wrong? For wrestling, whether it be that they stopped washing mats, or stopped washing water bottles, then the wrestlers would have impetigo, a skin bacteria, and would be sick within a week. But don’t doubt that something hasn’t gone wrong. “We’ve uploaded the clips [videos of the wrestlers wrestling] wrong, so the video got stuck in between the IPads and the place that they upload,” says Beth Uthoff.


But it’s not all bad! One of the most important part of their jobs is to make sure that everything is going as planned: “Taking stats. If you missed a play, there were girls counting on you to get it,” is what Lauren Lacy says has to be one of the most important part of the whole experience.


Doing all the work behind the scenes pushes their stress levels to the max. “I enjoy doing it, but it can be overwhelming. And the stress can be really high,” says Uthoff. But they wouldn’t change it! Even if they say that maybe a little more help would be good! “During games, when I had to take stats it would’ve been nice to have someone telling me the passes,” is what Lacy said when asked about needing a little more help.


So whether it be that things are going right or things are going wrong. They are there to help no matter what! With just a small part of the whole team, they play a major role in the success of the team.


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  1. Cassie,
    You have a strong journalistic piece with this story. I appreciate your approach to the insight on “behind the scenes” of the sports and activities as we know them as audience members. You have an effective balance between your research and the contribution provided by your interview subjects. Thank you for giving a voice to those working hard to create the successful athletic programs and activities we have here at PHS. Excellent work!

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