Christmas is over and the new year just started. Most people agree that January is a very slow, boring month. Like all the other months we have a special holiday, but in January there is nothing to celebrate.

First off, January is the coldest month of the year, after Christmas you just want it to warm up, but sadly it gets colder. During this month you just think about how you want it to be spring already. After a long cold day, you wish you could soak up some sun, but sadly it’s negative degree weather and the sun goes down at 5 o’clock this time a year.

The first of the year is always a struggle. One of the saddest things ever is putting away Christmas decorations, because then it really hits you that the holidays are over. What’s even more heartbreaking is that you don’t have any holiday decorations to put up, except Valentines Day.

Most people agree January is the worst month and single people even agree Valentines Day is one of the worst too. You can assume why people don’t like Valentines Day, it’s because they don’t have a significant other to spend it with. Others who have someone to spend the holiday with, love it, they receive gifts, flowers, and chocolate. What’s even worse is being broke right after Christmas. All you want to do is go get something to eat with friends or go shopping but you constantly hear, “I’m broke I cant”

Right after the holidays everybody starts their new years resolution, which most people find it hard to follow through with their new year resolution. Lots of people new year resolution is to eat healthy and workout everyday. Even though people do it for a healthier lifestyle, it stinks getting up and doing it, that’s why most people quit their new year’s resolution by the end of January.

So now you’re wondering how do I make January a good month? Well, try to stay positive, think about how much closer it is to warm weather or even summer. Keep in mind all the exciting holidays coming up like, Valentines day, St. Patricks Day, April fools Day, and May Day. If you’re still in school, it’s a great way to start fresh will a brand new semester. Hang in there, summer will be here before we know it!



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