Harrison cook is a multi-sport athlete ready to take on his junior baseball season. Not only is he facing the pressure of being a D1 athlete, but also facing the pressure of helping the Hawks take the state title back once again.


Harrison cook just committed to University of Kentucky for baseball on September 25th, 2017.   “I’m excited to get out of Iowa” Cook says. “I’ve always known that I wanted to play somewhere with baseball weather at least 10 months out of the year”


The University of Kentucky is ranked 8th in two pre season polls so far. Only the “best of the best” are recruited to this outstanding team. Harrison is excited to be apart of something bigger than himself. His Freshman year, his playing time will depend on his “Development from this point on”.


Cook isn’t in the dark about being “the best”. His freshman year, Prairie High School’s Baseball team took the state champion title. Since then, they have one again qualified for state and finished 7th. “This year were coming for the title again” Cook says.


Although Harrison is excited to move onto his D1 team, he still has a lot of love for where he started. “ I feel like I have had great opportunities to be seen by college coaches and i feel like we have a good chance of being great this year”


Ever since he was little, “Harry” cook has loved the game no matter what team is on his jersey. “It’s always been my favorite sport. I love playing in the summer time with all of my friends”. Harrison has played for many teams in his life but in the fall time, he plays for a select baseball team Perfect Game.


Perfect Game has provided Harrison with even more opportunities for growth and exposure. The team travels to different states every weekend playing in showcase games as well as tournaments in Florida twice and then Georgia.


Cook has played for many teams, had many coaches, and an unlimited amount of teammates throughout his years of baseball. But one thing he says he will always remember is “being a Prairie Hawk has given me more friends and opportunities I could ever ask for. I love all my friends and wouldn’t change being a Hawk for anything.”




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