When you’re on ice, hold on tight!  Staying safe on the roads in the flurries of winter can be difficult and more nerve racking than normal.  Everyone should be aware of a few things to make driving less stressful.

Being Patient:

Letting your car warm up 10 even 5 minutes can make a huge difference on how your car gets around in cold weather and icy conditions.  By turning the heat on this helps your breaks and steering fluid warm up, as it can freeze in the winter making these key parts of driving more difficult.  Driving with brakes and steering not properly working can be dangerous to your driving conditions.

Another thing is to be patient with yourself and others on the road.  It seems like every time one snowflake drops the person in front of you is going 20 under.  This is most likely for the better to take extra caution in case of any unseeable ice or sleet on the road.  If you are running late to school or work, don’t speed or drive unsafely… it’s not worth it to get in a crash!

Having complete sight on the road:

It really sucks having to stand out in the freezing cold to scrape the tough ice off your windshield but the truth is… you cant drive safe unless you can see!  Go out and spend a few dollars to buy an ice scraper and make sure to leave it in your car at all times, ice and sleet can be unexpected.  Not only is it useful and necessary for your windshield but your back window and mirrors.

Another thing is any fogginess on your windshield, be sure to make sure that your defrost is on and let it go down before driving.  Be sure that if it is snowing to be extra cautious and to potentially drive slower due to the amount of vision you have on the road.

Be Prepared:

In case of any situation where you get stuck, always be sure to have the right equipment in your car for survival.  This kit should include; food, water, a blanket, an extra set of warm clothes, a first aid kit, or anything else to help out in a time of need.

Take extra caution:

This is one pretty much explains itself.  Be extra careful about not only you but the other cars around you. Annually it is estimated about 116,800 people receive injuries due to the weather driving conditions of ice or sleet.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of following distance between you and the person you are behind.  Be sure to take slow turns and go under the speed limit when necessary.

Avoid driving:

It is obvious that you have to drive to work and school even when there are flurries,

Keep youself and other safe on the roads this winter.  Remember to be extra cautious before getting behind the wheel!







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