The holidays are over but with the cold weather the flu cold season is not.  By using some simple tips and tricks getting through the sickness of this year can be a little easier.

Taking care of your body:

It seems like a over used strategy but it plays a big role in your personal health and chances of catching the seasonal flu.  Things such as staying hydrated throughout the day and giving yourself the right nutritional values on your plate.  Not only will it help prevent getting a cold, but it also makes your body overall feel better and more active.

Being germ free:

Taking a couple extra minutes out of your day to wash your hands before and after using the bathroom or eating a meal can make all the difference.  Trying to avoid touching anything with potential germs such as door knobs, phones, and any switches.

Alan Pocinki is a doctor at George Washington Hospital that practices internal medicine and he quotes himself, “Wash your hands as much as you can stand, and then some more.”  By washing your hands you are stopping the germs around you from spreading.

Getting the flu shot:

It is pretty self explanatory and is the number one prevention from getting the flu.  In some cases it can be very serious as influenza.  Since 2010, there have been estimated up to 56,000 deaths due that are flu related.

Being cautious of others:

When your friends and families are sick, this makes it more likely for you to catch a bug.  Distancing yourself while people around you are sick is a great tip.  Not only distancing yourself but also paying close attention to not share drinks, food, or anything else with someone who is sick.

On the flip side, if you are sick try avoiding shaking hands, coughing, or sneezing closely to people around you to avoid spreading illnesses.  No one wants to catch a cold, especially from not covering or keeping your hands clean.

Getting through the winter can be tough, and so is being sick.  Take a couple of minutes out of your work or school day before missing a whole one at home with the flu!




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