As the end of the first semester comes to a close. Mrs. Matheny continues the third trimester as a high school spanish teacher. This is her journey on what the classroom of a foreign language is like.


“My favorite part of my job is sharing the foreign language with others who are excited to learn it.” Sharing one of Matheny’s favorite language with others who just as excited a she does. Is her favorite experience of teaching.


When Matheny was younger she studied in Spain. “After high school I elected to take a summer course in Spanish with my sister.”  She spent this entire summer living and studying the Spanish culture.


Imagine moving to an entire different country to learn the lifestyle of others. This was a risky and exciting adventure that Matheny was willing to take.


Matheny ended up falling in love with the culture so much. This is when she decided to come back to the states and become a spanish teacher.


The hardest part of the job is “When students don’t live up to their full potential” explains Matheny. This is something that Matheny continues to push and share provide student with in interest in this language.


Not only is Matheny running a classroom of high school students. But she is also in her third trimester of pregnancy. “It can be stressful at times.” Matheny still continues to deal with the stress of the baby, and run the classroom at the same time.


Matheny has accomplished many things on her journey. Between living in a different culture, pursuing her career as a high school spanish teacher, and beginning her family. Matheny is a great role model and amazing teacher.  


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