Prairie Wrestling heads to Cedar Rapids Xavier tonight to face off in a one on one duel. Every duel and tournament is going to be big for prairie as they climb the rankings and hope for a duel team spot come February.

Conrad Braswell is also being nominated for athlete of the week after his big tournament and finals victory over Zachary Thompson of Perry. Braswell won the match 8-3 in fashion.

Prairie has had a strong season and have kept on improving everyday in the practice room and it is really fun to watch these guys work and push themselves to the limits.  

All the hard work is being shown as the hawks enter the second half of their season. The varsity lineup is set as the hawks also travel out of state this weekend to Geneseo, Illinois.

Geneseo is one of illinois’s toughest tournaments, teams from the midwest travel their to watch their kids compete in the two day tournament in hopes of capturing team and individuals titles.

This weekend you can watch the tournament from home if you would like to keep in track of what’s going on and how the hawks are doing! All you have to do is visit to stay in touch with your Prairie Hawks.

Or you can also go on twitter @PHawksWrestling as we give you immediate updates on match by match progress for each varsity wrestler that is competing in the tournament this weekend and tonight at Xavier.

We wish the hawks the best of luck as the second half of the season is just beginning and sooner or later state will be right around the corner! Go Hawks!

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