This Weekend some of the league’s best NFL teams will be competing for an AFC and NFC championship position. Here is this week’s matchups and the factors within.

On the AFC side The Jacksonville Jaguars head to Heinz Field to face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers who are currently the number 2 seed in their conference. Jalen Ramsey and The Jaguars hope to shut down Antonio Brown and The steelers. Brown has been out for two weeks now after taking an injury to his knee.

Jalen Ramsey came up big last week in their victory over Buffalo Bills and is one of the most agile defenders in the NFL today. He will be a sure factor in this weeks Divisional matchup as they head to Pittsburgh.

Another big AFC matchup will be the Tennessee Titans and The New England Patriots who are the defending super bowl champs and the number 1 seed in the AFC. Last week’s wild card matchup for the Titans was a thriller indeed as Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry pulled off an 18 point comeback to beat the Chiefs on the road.

But, can the Titans travel to Gillette Stadium and pull of another victory over the defending Super Bowl 50 champs? Tom Brady and the New England offense will be a sure test for the Titans defense. It will take superstars from each team to determine who will be heading to the AFC championship.

On the NFC side of things The Atlanta Falcons will be heading to Philadelphia to face off against The Eagles who are currently ranked number 1 in the NFC. The Falcons beat the Rams last week in the wild card. The Falcons are the defending NFC champions and will be very interesting to see how the Philadelphia defense responds.

One of the biggest and most anticipated matchups of the week is The New Orleans Saints and The Minnesota Vikings. The Saints have one of the best running back duos in the NFL, but The Vikings at home field with the number one defense in the league will be a huge matchup to watch.

This weekend Saturday and Sunday. All 8 teams will be competing for and NFC and AFC championship spot. Minnesota will try and make history by being the first team to ever play all 3 playoffs game in the same stadium and win the super bowl at home. It will be a wild weekend of football for all the fans out their. Tune into ESPN and FOX. Good luck to your favorite teams!

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