The boy’s basketball team has had an exciting season so far and it only gets better from here. They are currently 2-2 but the losses were hard fought games that have taught them what they need to work on. After interviewing with one of the starters I got an inside glimpse of what parents and students can expect with the upcoming games.

In the Hawk’s defense they have a hard first couple of games but they don’t want that to let it determine their season. And given the hard schedule the hawks still have a record to be proud of.

Harrison Cook is a Junior forward. He plays a key role for the hawks during games and at practice. He shared some of their team goals with me and how they plan to reach them. One goal was to have a winning record this season. Harrison told me to reach this goal the team works very hard at practice and making sure they and their teammates are always on task. Holding each other accountable is one of the strengths the team has. This has taught them to work hard for their teammates rather than for themselves.

I also spoke with Kris Murray who has been playing for the varsity team since his sophomore year. I asked him what it was like having his dad as a coach. His response is what you would expect if you have ever had a parent coach you. He told me “At first it was weird but after practicing everyday it got to be the norm. He pushes me and my brother very hard and treats us as players rather than his sons.” Obviously something is working for the Murrays as they both are regularly top scorers of games. Prairie has many good players who put in extra work.

Last Friday there was a doubleheader at Linn Mar. Linn Mar has always been a top competitor for Prairie and it was time to put their skills to the test. The girls set the standards high by blowing the Lions out of the water. This was a big win for the girl’s basketball team.

Unfortunately the game ended in the second loss of the season. The score was very close the majority of the game but Prairie couldn’t figure out a good defense to minimize Linn Mar’s 3 pointers. On a good note Prairie’s Griff Clark led the team with 22 points, more than Linn Mar’s highest scorer with 20 points.

Starting monday the Hawks worked hard in the gym and put in the extra hours in their free time. They are hoping that the extra practice will put them ahead of their next opponent, the Trojans.

There has always been great energy in the gym for the boys which has helped them a lot according the Kris and Harrison. It has been one of their favorite parts of the season. The team hopes to keep the same energy throughout the rest of the season to know that they have an audience pushing them to be better.


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