Prairie Hawks Junior varsity wrestler Conrad Braswell was nominated for this weeks athlete of the week for KCRG TV9.  Being nominated is a reflection of all of his hard work and dedication.

Conrad has been wresting for 13 years. He started out wrestling in his younger years for Spring Ville Club Wrestling. After that, he wrestled for DC Elite in Cedar Rapids. He then moved to Prairie High School his Freshman year and began wrestling for the Hawks.

Conrad’s high school career has gone very well. His freshman season started out with a bang. “I went 42-10, won a conference title, district title, and got 4th at state” Braswell’s freshman year set the stage for a strong high school wrestling career.

The following year hit Conrad with a few bumps. ” Sophomore year I struggled with cutting weight, went 31-7, and took 4th at state for the second time”.  Conrad’s sophomore year taught him to push through the hard times and “made him a stronger wrestler” his team mate says.

This year Conrad has set new goals and plans to reach them by the end of the season,

“This season my goal is to get top three at state and to win a third conference and district title.  It is going to be difficult but I plan to continue putting in the hard work.”

This week you can come out to support the Prairie Hawks as they will compete at the high school on Thursday night. Following after they will leave for their tournament Friday in Illinois.

It is a big honor to have one of our very own Prairie Hawks nominated as this weeks Athlete of the Week. Good luck to Conrad and the rest of the Prairie Hawks wrestlers as they fight through the season!


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