As holidays approach the countdown until christmas begins. Everyone loves christmas and is so anxious for the morning to arrive. All though we tend to forget the struggles.


What about the christmas dinners with family. Where the same family members continue to ask the following questions… “So do you have a gf/bf yet?”. Why is it that they always ask this in the first place. Then they will continue to talk about it and then tell their experiences which you usually take no interest in at all whatsoever.


Don’t forget about, “How is school going?”. This is my ultimate favorite because the response is always the same. “GREAT!”. But your simply just hiding the fact that you are drowning in school work and have mental breakdowns just about every night about it.  


Then they hit you with this follow up question. “What are you going to do after high school?”. Again little do they know, you are just trying to keep up with highschool let alone have you even begun to think about college.


After they finish going through the same series of questions they just asked a month previously at thanksgiving. They will continue to suggest there amazing advice.


This leads to them talking your ear off about how great there high school experience was. Which most the time you genuinely could care less.


Now since I know family Christmas tends to get stressful with all of the interrogating. Just remember that everyone else is going through the same experience. But then in 10 years your going to be the one asking your teenage relative the same questions.


What do you think?

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