When it comes to budgeting, I’m the worst of the worst. Keeping track of spendings for the week/month are not my favorite outcomes.


Most likely all my money goes to the obvious… food. Jimmy Johns, Pancheros, Chick Fil a, you get the point. Sometimes I forget that I have a house, where this woman called “mom” buys groceries.


Eating out his a habit I have had to change. Instead of thinking where you want to eat today. Always plan on eating at school, packing a lunch from home, or simply go home for the lunch period if you can.


Only treat yourself of eating out when you deserve it. For example you actually did your homework the previous night. Got an A on a test. Or just did something good. If lunch is just all round terrible, then yes go get some food. That is for sure reasonable.


Clothes. I feel like my life is just ten times better if I buy that one hoodie. Even though I don’t really need it. I just pick out my size and carry it to the register to buy it. Sounds super easy not to do, but I swear sometimes whether or not my week is good, depends on it.


Helping to solve this problem takes time. If you are going shopping with a friend just make sure you have the money to spend in the first place, if you do then theres no problem. However let’s say you don’t really need it. As hard as it may be, don’t even pick the item up. Once it’s in your hand, its not leaving!


Gas is another problem that will occur with us high schoolers. Maybe your gas is payed for you, maybe it’s not. Again it all goes back to just stopping and thinking before you swipe the cc or insert the cash. If you are one of those people that just like to pick friends up and go out to eat or just drive and blair music.


Maybe come up with a agreement of having the other friends drive sometimes, so you are splitting gas. Planning out your week will also help with this issue alot. Go places that are close or on the way. Don’t randomly drive across town because you’re forgot you had that errand to run from poor planning.


One last way to help save gas money, is order online. Ordering online is great because you will have it delivered right to your house especially if you have a busy schedule and just don’t have the gas money or time to pick it up.


After reading this I hope you are a little bit wiser with spending. Maybe not right away but start practicing these habits over time and before you know it. You will be great! Of course remember, a job can also be helpful for spending money.


What do you think?

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