This January the Varsity and JV dance teams will be taking the floor in Minneapolis Minnesota. For the 2017 regional competition. This is officially the last performance before Nationals in Orlando Florida.


As tensions begin to rise knowing that after regionals will officially be time to board a plane to head off to Florida and make PHS history, the dance team making it to nationals for the very first time.


However, the dance team is very confident in knowing that no matter the outcome. The success from this years season is endless.


From all of the 5 am workout to the 12 pm night practices at UDA camp. This is something that the girls have earned. It takes true dedication to be apart of Prairie Poms.


We cannot forget about the coaches, Briana Havel and Tasha Leas. The dance team never would have made it to where they are today without these two guiding them through tough practices.


Not only the two coaches but the amazing choreographer, Michaela Voss. Who once competed with one of the best in the nation, the Minnesota Dance Team. Michaela has done incredible things for PHS Poms.


When traveling and competing in all of these different places. The most important thing to remember is once we step out onto the floor, we all become one heartbeat. Performing together as a whole team.


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