The word college itself can cause many to feel a jolt in their stomach just thinking about it. Not the fact of going. But the fact of not knowing where they want to go and if they even want to go. Hopefully this can help.


First, it starts with you. Experiment with different jobs here and there, to help find options your enjoy. Take classes at school that you know involve or are along the lines of your interests.


Where do you want to go? City, coast, mountains, or suburbs? Wherever it might be see if there colleges or interest you want are provided there. Don’t obviously decide the college because there’s white sandy beaches. Pick a college because it offers what you need.


Once you have found what you are interested in and where you want to go. Get online and start finding the websites to those colleges.


Plan college visits early, before you run short of time. Your senior year will be here before you know it. Take that year to just enjoy the high school experience. You don’t want to be rushing last minute trying to decide where and what you want to do after high school.


Start thinking now. This is time that you will possibly be deciding what you are doing for the rest of your life. So if you think the word college is stressful just remember that. Take a deep breath, clear and afternoon, and start the search.


This could be something that is fun and exciting for you to start exploring. Be motivated and inspired to start you future. College is unleashing a new chapter of your life, that you will remember for a lifetime.


What do you think?

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