On Saturday, January 6th, which is tomorrow, the NEIBA District Honor Jazz Band is being held for the students who were accepted. The event will be held at Kennedy High School which is also in Cedar Rapids, so it’s very close to attend. The time it’s expected to last is from 6am until 10pm, so if you have time throughout your day to support some of your peers that might be participating in this event, be sure to go to Kennedy High School during the day at just about any time.

These students that are in the Honor Jazz Band have worked very hard to get where they are today and have spent a lot of time practicing. The winter show for the Prairie band was phenomenal, so I imagine the Honor Band is extraordinary. If you are interested in watching talented instrumental students, please attend this event, the students who are a part of it would love to see you there. 

The students pictured above were part of the Prairie All-State Band 🙂

Photo Credits: Prairie Hawks Band Sites


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