There is a new opportunity at Prairie High School called “Peer tutoring” this is an opportunity for students to get help by their classmates in subjects they are struggling with. For the tutors this is a great way to gain volunteer hours and to get elective credit.

By having a tutor, students will be encouraged to learn at their own pace. In most cases, students will have trouble focusing in a classroom full of 25-30 students. By not paying attention in class, this will lead students to get behind in class, and eventually get a bad grade in the class. Some students just work better one-on-one. But teachers do have a full schedule and it might be hard to get help from them, that’s why peer tutoring is a good way to get help without trying to fit into your teachers schedule.

Students will learn to be more responsible by getting tutored. Students will need to show up on time and have the motivation to get their work done. Tutoring will take a lot of communication because you need to plan things out.

I interviewed a current peer tutor, Amanda Stallman. When asked, “Why she wanted to be a peer tutor”, she said, ” I normally helped kids in my normal classes, people would always come to me as a leader and someone who they can trust and help, and when I found out there was peer tutoring, I decided to make it a volunteer opportunity, and to help kids one-on -one.” Students who are leaders in their classrooms should consider being a peer tutor. Amanda said the reason she loves being a peer tutor is because she learns while she teaches, she claims she knows more than she ever has by peer tutoring.

Peer tutoring is a great way to meet new people, get school credit, and learn new things. If you are interested in being a peer tutor, stop by at the success center and get a form. All forms must be turned in by Thursday, January 11th. Consider peer tutoring to help students struggling.




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