Finals are coming up, that means basically everybody is stressing out. Finals is a big part of our grade and it puts a lot of stress of high school students. Students at Cedar Rapids Kennedy get to play with puppies on their final week to relieve their stress. Prairie High School should do something like that to relieve our stress on finals week. But the question is can dogs really relieve stress?

The article 8 ways your pet can help relieve your stress states that a recent study showed that pet owners had better self-esteem, were less lonely, depressed, and fearful than people without pets.

High blood pressure is a sign of stress, and being around doings lower your blood pressure. Petting an animal relieves so much stress, but so does even looking at an animal.

On Barkpost stories, a study showed that people who tried to solve complicated problems in the presence of their dog, scored way higher than people who solved the problems in front of their spouses!

Animals make us laugh and smile, which makes us feel better and feel less stressed. Playing with a pet can also help build relationships with other people. They teach us characteristics like how to be responsible, caring, loving, patient, and openness.

Overall, pets in general make a huge impact on your mental health. If you are ever feeling stressed out, spend time with your pet, it will benefit you and your pet.



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