This past season something tremendous happened in Iowa City, however it was not about the football team. This years team ended the regular season going 7-5. For many though, the focus this year was on the Kinnick Wave.

The tradition was started by Krista Young, a fan with more than love for just the Hawkeyes. She posted one day on the facebook page “Hawkeye Heaven” and got an overwhelming amount of support for her idea.

The season opener was on September 2nd and there was talk of the new idea being implemented. As soon as the wave took place, it went viral. In spite of anything else going on, one small Iowan idea became what is said to be one of the greatest college football traditions seen all over.

Now, that one small idea is more than just an idea. It is a connection between not only Iowa fans but anyone who has the heart. There are now fundraisers and shirts and although this was not something to promote the hospital and the way Iowan’s treat each other, that is shown through this effort.

It was announced that the Kinnick Wave was going to receive the Disney Sports Spirit Award and last night Head Coach Kirk Ferentz went up to receive the award.

The Kinnick Wave was not only something seen all around the country.  In London is Laureus, a global movement that celebrates the power of sport to bring people together as a force for good. They announced the new tradition to be a finalist for the “Best Sporting Moment of the Year.’’ To vote, go to and pick “Wave for the kids.”

This just shows that one idea can change the ways of the people around you. Don’t forget that one idea can change the world, even if it takes a little time.

Photo Credits: NCAA


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