First semester is almost over, which means that finals are almost upon us. The last week before winter break is filled with tests, papers, and projects in nearly every class. This year, our end of semester test will take place on December 19th and 20th. The odd block tests will be on Tuesday, the 19th and even block tests are on Wednesday, the 20th. The 21st will be the test make up day  for those who may miss one of the test days, or if weather forces school to be cancelled.


We have approximately one whole week to review and prepare for said tests. Many classes have been finishing up units this past week, in preparation for next week to be a review week. However not all classes will give that type of support, which is why students have to study on their own as well.


With all of the different classes and information to study, pre-finals week and finals week can tend to be stressful. Ways to destress and still get study time in are by keeping good study habits.


One essential study habit is to stay organized. Know what type of test you are having in each class and schedule when each is taking place. Also, keep a study schedule, and actually use it. Scheduling out times to study and what to study during those times helps you pace yourself, instead of cramming it all the night before. Staying organized prevents you from feeling behind or like you don’t know what you’re doing.


Stay healthy during finals week. Make sure to be well rested and get a full night’s sleep. Have healthy eating habits, don’t cut out food and don’t overeat because of stress. Give yourself the occasional break, don’t overwork your brain.


Also, try to limit your distractions while in the zone. Don’t have the TV on, instead put on music that helps you focus. Try to study in an environment that is beneficial for you, whether it be a coffee shop, the library, or even your living room. Remember not to let your phone distract you, if you’re an absolute phone addict – maybe try putting it on airplane mode.


If you really want to memorize your notes, rewriting them and saying them out loud to yourself can be be really helpful. Or you can always make flashcards or a Quizlet, whatever works for you personally. Another thing to do is ask questions when you don’t know something or can’t remember it, your teachers are there to help you learn – use them!


A few more tricks are to study with other people, studying with others can make it fun and help close some gaps in your knowledge because others may know the answers. Another is to chew the same flavor of gum while studying and during the test, it’s actually a real thing called state-dependent memory – where one can remember something better if they are doing the same thing as before, like chewing gum.


We’ve got one more week, it’s time to study, study, study! Remember to work hard, stay calm, and just do your best during the next couple weeks.


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