Don’t forget about ACT testing this weekend! They will be on Friday, and the time is still being determined. Here are some ways to prep for the ACT!


  • Buy reputable study books
    • Reputable study books from companies like Kaplan or McGraw-Hill are very beneficial.


  • Plan a study schedule
    • Plan the time you need to study for each section within a reasonable period during your schedule.


  • Find your weaknesses
    • If you’re a slow reader, or not so great with math, then practice those things more than the topics that you’re good at.


  • Do timed practices
    • Practice each test in the correct order to find out how you need to pace yourself. (Tests in order are: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing)


  • Finally, use all the time you have for the test
    • Double check all your answers if you have time! It’s easy to make a simple mistake when you’re rushing, so make sure you’re confident in all your answers.


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