It’s December, that means it’s cold season. By cold season I don’t mean the freezing weather, but the actual flu and cold season. Nobody likes being sick, it’s the worst feeling, you can’t really treat the common cold, but there are ways to try and prevent it. Here are a few tips to keep yourself healthy for this winter.

First things first, get some sleep. When you get a cold the best remedy is rest. The article states, “People who are exhausted stay sick longer.” By getting rest, the body can recover faster. So put down your phone, roll into bed, and get a full 9 hours of sleep, even though you might not like it, your body sure does!

Another great way to prevent a cold is to workout regularly. Working out strengthens your immune system. When you workout you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body which will help fight colds. Working out is not just good for your immune system, but for your whole body. Get at least a 30 minute workout in everyday to help prevent that awful cold.

One of the hardest things, that probably everybody struggles with is eating right. We all “try” to eat healthy for a little bit, but then give in and eat a ton of junk food. When you get a cold, listen to what your stomach is telling you, drink lots of tea and water, and eat soft foods that won’t upset your stomach like soup. To help prevent a cold, eat right by eating your fruits and vegetables.

When you get a cold, you feel awful, which makes you kinda stress about everything. When you stress your body knows, and it will wear you down, making your cold last even longer. Help your body, and try your best not to stress too much.

Nobody enjoys being sick, especially over the holidays so take some of these thoughtful tips into consideration to help prevent a cold. Get plenty of rest, workout regularly, eat healthy, and don’t stress. Stay sick free this winter!





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