With Thanksgiving right around the corner, soon after coming finals. Use Monday and Tuesday wisely to get work completed, to ensure the most enjoyment of break.


Before we know it, Christmas will be here. I can promise you that nobody will want to be doing homework over Christmas break.


Prairie every year has begun to start finals before Christmas break which I find helpful. Here are some helpful tips for a stress-free break and successful finals.


Use one binder for all of your classes. Have dividers to write each class on the tab. Go back and print of every single sheet or online course, and then add it to that classes tab. Complete every sheet before the final and you will be set.


Be sure that you have all of your other classes grades up before starting finals to ensure that your grades will only get better. Meaning starts getting those grades up and retesting until December. Aka next Monday and Tuesday will be those days for retaking.


Therefore if you somehow end badly in the finals, your grade will not drop immensely.


Starting to study on December 1st will prevent cramming last minute. This will provide the most positive outcome.


Merry studying, use these tips and deadlines to be thankful for all of your A’s this semester.


What do you think?

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