After going to High School for 13 years we hope that students are being prepared for the real world. But do the classes taught really mean anything once we leave?

As students we are taught the basic math, english, science etc. but why are classes that educate students on taxes, relationships, and cooking considered an elective. Those are subjects students will need to know once they are in college or the real world or they will feel as if they were thrown into the dark.

A handful of students at Prairie have said half the time the feel they don’t even need to attend class because nothing is being done in the class or it is material they don’t need to know. So what is the point of sending kids to school just to be misinformed about the real world.

To fix this issue, schools need to do a better job of offering more helpful classes. And requiring more beneficial ones.

Some of the classes students would like to see include, more creative writing classes, nutrition, job prep courses, and budgeting. These are just a few classes that will actually help a kid in the real world.

By teaching a class like nutrition, it could also help bring down obesity rates and make America a healthier country to live.

Although, some of these courses are taught in college, not all kids go to college so they need to be prepared once they get a job.

All in all let’s ditch the basic math and science courses and focus on what the students actually need to be successful in life.

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