As many of you know, fall sports have come to a close or are coming to a close, which means winter sports are starting. The fall sport athletes have accomplished a lot this season and shown all of us what it’s about to be a Prairie Hawk.

The football boys definitely fought their hardest this season ending up being 8-2 at the end of the season. They used their maximum effort in the playoff game, but even though they hadn’t done everything they wanted to, the students and parents were definitely proud of the accomplishments they made this season.

The volleyball girls also had an amazing season and you noticed the passion and support out on the court with how much they pushed each other. Each of the volleyball girls has a kind heart and genuinely tried their hardest at every game with a decent student section every time.

Multiple groups went to state from Prairie including the boys and girls cross country teams, the swimming and diving team, and the boys golfers. Cross country teams and the golf boys ended up doing well at state and placing nicely among the other teams. This Saturday, on the 4th of November will be girls state swimming, so be sure to come out and support them if you’re able to.

Since the fall sports are coming to a close, this means that winter sports will be starting very quickly. Most of them or even all of them will start on Monday, November 6th. So, this means basketball, bowling, wrestling, and boys swimming and diving will be beginning. With that being said, there are many opportunities during the winter to come out and support your hawks whether it’s in the gym, at the bowling alley or at the pool.

This year, we need the student section loud for all sports. In past years, the student section has been huge for football and not many other sports, so be sure to go out and support your classmates while they’re doing what they love. Doing this would definitely encourage them and make them feel good.

Overall, being in a sport means that you’re passionate about what you do and enjoy every second of it. Our classmates have worked so hard to get where they are today with the sports that they love and enjoy, so supporting them is something that should be natural.

So, awesome job to the female swimmers, runners, volleyball players, football players, and golfers on their great season. Also, good luck to the wrestlers, basketball players, bowlers, and male swimmers for the amazing seasons they have yet to come.

Photo Credits:….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.7.619…0i13k1j0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1.0.U_qASa_t5Sc&safe=active#imgrc=7t07vHkr_VlQEM:


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