High School is stressful. You’re probably thinking, “Duh. That’s not news.” You’re right it’s not news, but it is a problem that needs to addressed. Plus, it’s not just the schoolwork, every aspect of high school and being a teenager all piled together, creates an anxiety inducing situation.


Just think about it. As a teenager you’re just starting to figure out how the world works, figuring out your own identity, exploring new relationships from family to friends to romance. Then we throw school on top of it, classes, homework in every class, grades, tests, extracurriculars, college prep, etc. Throw a job on top of there and it gets a little busy. Not to mention that while figuring out who you are, you also have to figure out what you might want to do for the rest of your life.


All of this comes as a package. On their own, these problems are easily solved, but mixed together and thrown at you in a big jumble – it’s a little much. Finding a balance is difficult, just thinking about scheduling is enough to bring on a headache. Especially because most of the time, work and sports and/or other activities all fill up a student’s whole week, giving next to no time to actually study.


Out of 20 Prairie students surveyed, 20 expressed that, yes high school is stressful! That’s 100% of students that are struggling with the pressures of high school. From sophomores to seniors, high school is filled with pressure.  


Morgan Flynn, a junior with a lot on her plate explains,  If you’re involved in a lot of stuff, it can pile up  quickly and if you don’t do your work it can pile up really quickly. Any advice would be to use a planner to balance your schedule, and don’t try to do too much.”


Many of the students explained that the stress comes from everything, that there is too much homework, too much going on. Balancing it all is another common reason for the stress. High expectations are a popular factor as well.


Expectations are the worst when it comes to pressure. Parents and teachers have high expectations for the student’s academics. Students have their own expectations of themselves. To get good grades, to make money for a social life that’s almost impossible to have, to get that guy or girl to like them, to get into a good college, etc.


The problem is, all of the pressures of a high school life never really go away. There’s no real way to get rid of stress causing factors, only to deal with them.


Some excellent ways to destress are: Balancing your schedule by getting a planner, and actually using it. Do your your homework no matter what, but if you really have no time, complete graded assignments first and then whatever you feel is most important for your personal needs. Blocking out a chunk of time in your weekly schedule for free time is necessary – you’re a human and humans need a little time for rest and relaxation. Get some sleep, you’re health is important, plus everything becomes ten times more stressful on only 2 hours of sleep. Try all or some of these things and hopefully your tension headache will disappear.


High school is filled with stress, and unfortunately stress doesn’t go away later in life. Stress sticks around, it’s just the factors that change. Just remember to breathe and work your way through it.


What do you think?

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