This year’s World Series comes down to two of the best from each Conference.  The Los Angeles Dodgers and The Houston Astros. The Dodgers beat the Cubs  in a 7 games series 4 games to 1. The Cubs were the former World Series Champions who were than beaten by The Dodgers 11-1, allowing The Dodgers to advance to The World Series.


The Astros played The New York Yankees in their division matchup. The Yankees gave The Astros a run for their money. It was a 7 game series and The Yankees were actually leading 3-2, but The Astros made a comeback and won 2 games at home to head to the 2017 World Series.


Two nights ago was Game 1 of The World Series in Los Angeles. The Dodgers looked to defend their home turf in this sensational matchup. The Astros looked to come in a shock Los Angeles on their home field. The bats turned at the end of the game for The Dodgers as they took game 1 in a 3-1 victory.


Last nights game was also a thriller. The game headed to extra innings in game 2 of The World Series. The game ended in the 11th inning when the astros walked away from Los Angeles grabbing a victory and tying the series 1-1. The game in total had 8 home runs.


The series will now be going back to Houston for 3 games. The Astros are hoping to use their home field advantage and take a lead in the series. While the Dodgers are sure to seek revenge and pull away with a big Away victory just as The Astros did to them in Los Angeles in Game 2.


Starting pitchers for Game 3 in Houston will present Yu Darvish for The Dodgers and Lance McCullers Jr. for The Astros. The Dodgers are so far presenting the same pitching lineup as they did vs The Cubs in the NLDS. As long as the rotation isn’t working their is no reason to fix it right?


“We’ve had history with him. It doesn’t really guarantee anything,’’ Astros manager A.J. Hinch said. “There’s no more comfort facing Darvish on Friday than there was three months ago in Texas or last year or three years ago, when I think we ended a perfect game or no-hitter before I got here in the ninth inning. Astros Manager A.J Hinch said. Yu Darvish looks to snag a victory in Houston for his Dodgers and take the lead.


Tonight’s game will be interesting to see. People have many thoughts don’t have the advantage but with the way the bats have been turning this postseason for each team, you will have to sit down, relax, and enjoy Game 3 of The 2017 World Series.


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