The regional diving meet was this Thursday at the Linn Mar Aquatics center for all the divers in the district to compete against one another.

Each diver completed 11 dives in front of the board of three judges.  The placing was effected by the scores given off from the judges.

Anna Penning, a Prairie student on the Jefferson Swimming and Diving team placed fourth overall and will be moving onto the state meet.  She scored a total of 397 points making this her lifetime record.

I interviewed Anna and asked her questions about the meet and the upcoming week for her;

“Overall, how did the meet go for you?”

“It was off to a rough start in the beginning but I really fought back and ended with the PR so it went well overall.” Anna explains.

“Were you surprised by other people’s performance?”

“There was a really great competitive atmosphere and everyone was doing really well and really fighting for their spot to make it to state. I think there are a lot of girls that had PR’s and just had a great night.”

As Anna is moving onto the state meet next Friday the 3rd in Marshalltown, she will be representing the J-Hawks and competing against the top girls in the state.

“What are you looking forward to at state?”

“Im really looking forward to having a great meet and being around the top girls to stay and just having a good competition and being part of such a great opportunity.”

Congratulations again to Anna and all of the divers as there season is coming to an end.  Come out and watch the state diving meet November 3rd at the Marshalltown YMCA YWCA!

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