Don’t know what you want to after high school? Want to explore your options? An internship is a great way to get experience in a job that you would like to explore.

Internships deadline ends today (Friday 10/27). Workplace Learning Connections has internships and job shadows for just about anything you can think of. Want to go into the medical field? There’s internships for that. Interior design? Yup, that too. Just about anything under the stars.

To sign up for an internship visit Create a free account and start filling out an application for an internship of your choice!

Not everybody is accepted for an internship and often times it is very competitive. The key is to stay focused and to be really be passionate for what you sign up for. During the application process you will need to choose your top three choices. So it is likely you do not get your top choice. Also you will be asked to provide a reference for a teacher and an outside reference as well.

After meeting with some students have completed internships in the past, a common trend pointed to a positive experience from their internship. “It may have not been exactly the job I wanted to do but, I gained real world experience for what it might be like.” Said a junior who completed her internship as a vet tech last summer.

Don’t have time to complete an internship but don’t want to miss out on the experience? Job shadows are also offered through the same website!

There also a variety of options for job shadows and they are great to get a quick lesson in about a career you are thinking about. Even if you don’t like the job shadow you are doing, it still puts you on the right path. It will tell you what you definitely don’t want to do so you can find what you truly want to do.

Internships and job shadows both have certain time frames for their applications. Internships are in the spring and summer and job shadows are in the fall and winter.

Overall, if you are worried about and stressed about your future. A job shadow or internship may be the answer.

Make sure to sign up today for spring sessions!


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