Tis the season for study sessions and last minute cramming. As we approach the midterm keep in mind that this is only halfway through the semester. This can be good but also bad.

Time management is very important to keep midterms and eventually finals stressless as possible.

Get work done ASAP, meaning try and complete the task during the class. Surround yourself with people you know you won’t talk to. If you have to sit in the back of the class and put headphones in, do so. Always take notes and; GOOD ones. Absorb everything and anything.

When you do find yourself spacing off or talking to friends instead of getting your work done, take the consequences. You should know you’re risking your evening and night time.

Outside of school study tips. Never, never “study” in your bed. You will end up opening a tab, watching movies, and then falling asleep. Which means failing the test the next day.

Find a study method that works best for you. This might mean you work best just by yourself. Or maybe you actually do need a partner, whatever it might be.

Next place, where will you be able to study best? Scooters, Starbucks, somewhere that sets the vibe of getting your work done.

Midterms right around the corner, don’t stress. Use these hacks to have a successful midterm and finals this first semester.



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