This past weekend, 56 Prairie Music students auditioned for the Iowa All-State band or choir. 19 Prairie students were accepted into the All-State band or choir and 3 students were selected as alternates. A big congratulations to all of those students.

Those selected were:

Band Students:

1st year All-Staters:

Mitchell Baccam (12) -Clarinet

Megan Grimm (12) -Flute

Zach Johnson(12) -Tuba

Jake Ryk (12) -French Horn

Conner Weyer (11) -Bari Sax

2nd year All-Staters:

Kinnaly Baccam (12) -Flute

Anne Cerveny (12) -Oboe

3rd Year All-Staters:

Morgan Eadie (12) -Trumpet


Adam Lappin (12) -Trombone

Caroline Sherman (11) -French Horn

Choir Students:

1st year All-Staters:

Calvin Chadima (11)

Kathryn Herdliska (12)

Ashley Kientoff (11)

Chase Larsson (11)

Joanna Moody (11)

Ryan Stallman (12)

Grant Sullivan (11)

2nd Year All-Staters:

Calvin Boman (12)

Jeremy Jennissen (12)

Mason Zastrow (12)

3rd Year All-Stater:

Kelby Yoder


Kaden Schilling (11)


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