This Friday the high school is holding a fall sports assembly. It will be at 3 o’clock in the south gymnasium.

The high school will be celebrating and speaking about the fall sports and activities taking place this fall season. These include swimming, cheerleading, football, and volleyball.

This year, the high school started a new tradition. Each grade will be competing in a school-wide spirit off. Whichever school wins the spirit competition will be awarded the spirit stick.

At the end of the year, the grade which got awarded the spirit stick the most at each assembly gets a prize. This prize may include free enrichment time, a pie in a teachers face, etc.

There will be a schedule change throughout the day for students. Classes will be shortened 5-10 minutes in order to have a 45 minute assembly during the day.

Not only will there be a fun assembly at the end of the school day, but there will also be a costume contest. Because Halloween is coming up, Prairie High School will be hosting a costume contest all day on Friday. Students are not allowed to wear masks or face paint but can wear a costume of their choice.

Immediately following the assembly will be the tailgate tour. The tailgate tour is hosted by a local radio station. It goes around to different high schools every Friday and has many different free activities, snacks, and goodies for high school students before their football game.

All of the Prairie Students are excited for the many things going on Friday with the district championship game following immediately after. Prairie Students, please remember to stay safe and make good choices this Friday and show your Prairie spirit.  Go Hawks! 🙂


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