BOO? Did I scare you? If you like being scared, there are so many haunted houses in Iowa to check out.

Of course there is Bloomsbury Farm to go to, which is very popular for the five spooky haunted houses, which are the cornfield, which is a fan favorite, Cell block Z, Carnival Chaos, and the slaughter house. Hailee Fillenworth states,”Bloomsbury is a great place to get a good scare.”

While others are in for a bigger scare, there are scarier haunted houses such as, Panic Park, Haunted Carter Farms, and Edinburgh Manor. These three haunted houses are in Iowa, and all have 5 stars.

Panic Park is in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This haunted house has 5.0 stars and it costs $15 to get in. Haunted Carter Farms is in Princeton, Iowa, and has 4.9 stars. People come to this haunted house for the spooky 4 acre corn maze.

Edinburgh Manor is in Scotch Grove, Iowa. This is a mansion that guests can tour through and even spend the night in. The building was built in 1911 and it housed people with chronic mental illnesses, over 80 people have died in this building.

Those are just a few haunted houses in Iowa, if you are interested in going to haunted houses this year, check out the ones listed above.



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