The definition of elective is an optional course of study. Therefore, everyone who decides to take an elective is taking it based on their choice and their interests. Statistics show that about half the credits in many public high schools are electives.

All of the electives at Prairie are your choice to take, so for most people, it’s fun for them and they are able to enjoy at least one or two periods of the day. On average, most students have around two electives that they choose per semester and a lot of them consist of world language. Considering world language is required for some colleges, it’s easy to get that out of the way by choosing to take them in high school.

I had interviewed few students about the electives they take and what they like about them. Each person I interviewed takes news lab which is the class to write in the newspaper and take pictures for the yearbook. Jake Tedrow said what he enjoys most about electives are, “They’re fun and I enjoy the environment of the room.” Most of the time, students take electives with their friends and they choose them together before the start of the year.

Other students take multiple electives. Morgan Flynn takes sociology as well at Iowa BIG and she does it for the credits she needs to graduate. Nicole Adams takes Psychology and takes electives because “They’re fun.” Audrey Wheeler takes Spanish as an elective which is a world language class that can help you get into some colleges and she enjoys news lab and spanish. She said, “I like to write and Spanish is good for college.”

Also, I had interviewed a teacher Ms. Reeves to see what a teacher’s viewpoint is on teaching electives. She explained, “I love designing my own course and working with students in a project based environment. I appreciate the opportunity to provide students with experiences beyond the classroom and being autonomous.” By autonomous, she means she has the freedom to teach the students on her own and teach them what she wants.

As you can see, many people enjoy the electives they take and some just take them to get the credits they need to graduate. Electives are good for those who like to get out of the main subject core areas for a little bit of the day. This way, english, math, history, and science aren’t the only classes they are taking throughout the day because not everyone enjoys them.

Overall, electives are a good way for students to have some fun with their day and not have to worry about their core classes for a couple periods. It’s also a good way for some teachers to have fun and teach students what they would like about the elective they chose to teach.


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